National Policy on Alcohol

Alcohol - Sigma Kappa National Policy Section VII Subsection C

4. Events Involving Alcoholic Beverages

Underage drinking is prohibited.

Sigma Kappa social events held outside the city in which the college/university is located require the use of common carrier such a buses, taxis, hotel shuttle, university transportation, etc. Events held in the same city as the college/university may use common carrier or the designated driver program. All attendees must utilize the designated transportation plan to and from the event.

A cash bar shall be utilized for serving alcohol. Use of an outside vendor possessing adequate liquor liability insurance is required. Alcoholic beverages must be sold/served by a bartender who is not a member or new member of the sponsoring or co-sponsoring organizations.

Security personnel shall be hired for any event at which alcohol is served/sold.

Chapter funds shall not be used to purchase alcoholic beverages.

Activities/themes must be tasteful and not promote alcohol use/abuse. Drinking games, toga parties, the purchase or use of alcohol in bulk quantities (kegs, etc.), and/or use of drink tickets are strictly prohibited.

Non-alcoholic beverages and food/snacks shall be available and served throughout the duration of the event.

In the event a cash bar policy contradicts the published university/Panhellenic or all-Greek regulations for a co-sponsored event, a controlled BYOB function may be requested by petition and reviewed by the risk management coordinator.


Alcoholic beverages may be allowed at Sigma Kappa sponsored or co-sponsored events involving the chapter provided all of the following criteria, in addition to the general guidelines, are met:

A three-fourths (3/4) secret written vote of approval by the chapter shall be obtained and documented in the chapter minutes for each Sigma Kappa sponsored or co-sponsored event at which alcoholic beverages are to be served/sold. A copy of the minutes shall be attached to the SFRF.

A detailed procedure for monitoring alcohol consumption and ascertaining the age of each participant shall be written on the SFRF.

The means of transportation shall be defined on the SFRF. Common carrier is the preferred form of transportation for Sigma Kappa events. No alcohol shall be allowed during transportation.

When a bartender is hired by the chapter, the bartender’s agreement must be signed and attached to the SFRF.

Valid identification with a photograph shall be checked for admission to the event as well as by the bartender each time an alcoholic beverage is served. No one deemed to be inebriated should be served.

There should be one security guard for every 50 persons and the guard(s) shall not be a member or new member of the sponsoring or co-sponsoring organizations. Security personnel shall be instructed to take effective steps to prevent excessive consumption of alcohol and to prevent alcohol from being served/sold to minors.

The criteria required for BYOB events, in addition to compliance with all other stated policies regarding alcoholic beverages, are:
1. A bartender shall be hired to take custody of all alcohol and transport it to the event. The bartender shall not be a member or new member of the sponsoring or co-sponsoring organizations.

2. The bartender shall have absolute custody and discretion over dispensing alcoholand shall dispense the alcoholic beverage only to the individual who brought it to the event. Unused alcoholic beverages will be disposed of by the bartender and not returned to those who brought them.